Darul Quran Institute held their much-awaited Show n Shine

  • 8-29-2022

Darul Quran Institute held their much-awaited Show and Shine show after 3 years of covid shutdown on Sunday August 28th at their Institute. Through out the day hundreds of people came to socialize and support the cause. The event was well organized with lo

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Commemorating Muslim Holidays in Vancouver

  • 7-26-2022

(Vancouver - Wednesday July 20, 2022) The BCMA Public Relations and Communications team had the honour of presenting in favour of Motion B2: Commemorating Muslim Holidays at Vancouver City Hall. This motion, drafted in collaboration with members of Vancou

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Eid Al-Adha prayer in Surrey

  • 7-10-2022

Eid Al-Adha prayer in Surrey On Saturday various Eid Salah Prayers were held in Surrey and few of them were held in a Eid Gah – open field. BCMA branches -Surrey Jamea Masjid and Masjid Ur Rahmah were held at Princess Margaret Secondary School. Over Thi

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Masjid Al Salam Canada Day Celebrations

  • 7-03-2022

Saturday July 2nd, Hundreds of people gathered at Masjid Al Salam to celebrate Canada Day with much enthusiasm after few years of covid lockdown. The event was organized by BCMA Masjid Al-Salaam & Education Center, Burnaby chapter and was open to all Musl

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Fiji Islamic Centre held their 25th year silver jubilee anniversary

  • 6-19-2022

To mark the 25 years of services to the community Fiji Islamic Centre held their silver jubilee event in Surrey to celebrate their past and set a course for the future in a very splendid way. First and foremost Fiji Islamic Centre has been a pillar in th

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Eid ul Fitr celebration at the BC Legislature.

  • 5-05-2022
  • Jafar Bhamji

May 3rd, 2022- A day after Eid ul Fitr was a Historic moment for Muslims of BC. The Provincial government lead by NDP Premier John Horgan hosted an Eid celebration at the BC Legislature. Representatives from various Muslim organizations were invited by th

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Turkish Community Celebrates Children’s Day in Solidarity with Ukrainian community.

  • 4-23-2022

April 23, 2022, Canadian Turkish Educational and Cultural Foundation celebrated their annual Children’s Day festival with the Ukrainian community in Richmond. About 100 people gathered to celebrate the children’s Day which in Turkey is celebrated as a na

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Vancouver Muslim Community Iftar Dinner hosted by Taleeb Noor Mohamed M.P.

  • 4-13-2022

On Monday April 11th , Taleeb Noor Mohamed M.P. for Vancouver Granville hosted an Iftar dinner inviting Muslim community member from lower mainland Islamic organizations. Taleeb Noor Mohamed M.P. is the first Muslim M.P elected in B.C. He is the Chair of

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