EID Message from BCMA

  • 7-28-2020

All praise belongs to Allah, the Lord of the universe. Peace and blessings be upon his final Messenger, his family, his noble Companions, and all those who follow them with righteousness until the Day of Judgment. My dear brothers, sisters and children, A

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Have faith in Allah that our community and Canada will come out stronger and better post Covid-19

  • 5-25-2020

Assalamu-Alaykum-wa Rahamatullahi-wa Barakatahu. AlameenPost is dedicating our Eid Edition to revive struggling Muslim businesses affected with Covid 19. As a show of gratitude to our own advertisers, Al-Ameen Post will be offering a rebate of upto $100

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Let us Come out Stronger after Covid 19

  • 4-25-2020

Assalamu-Alaykum-wa Rahamatullahi-wa Barakatahu. As part of our efforts to help our businesses affected with Covid 19, AlameenPost is dedicating our Ramadhan Edition to help struggling Muslim businesses, many of whom are facing financial difficulties to r

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Golden Times – An Event of Social Connection and Activities for Our Seniors

  • 3-17-2020
  • Anwer Qadir

Burnaby March 8 – Allah has blessed us with our beloved country Canada and our thriving communities which we cherish. However, often times we forget that this is a result of sacrifices made by our elders – our seniors. These brothers and sisters are backbo

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Muslim Food Bank’s 10th Annual Fundraising dinner.

  • 3-04-2020

Over 400 people responded to our invitation to join us at Crystal At York in Surrey last Saturday to support our cause to fight hunger at the Muslim Food Bank’s 10th Annual Fundraising dinner. Elders, youths, families, imams, leaders and children eagerly l

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Al-Ihsan 2019 Aalimiyya Program Graduation Ceremony

  • 1-07-2020
  • Taha Masood

History was made on Dec 25th, 2019, when a group of four female and two male students graduated as fully qualified scholars (‘ulama). Over the past year 7 years, these students studied what is known as The Aalim Course, at the Al Ihsan Institute in Surrey

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Surrey protest against India’s Citizenship Amendment Act

  • 12-23-2019

On Sunday, December 22, about hundred people gathered to protest against the controversial bill passed in the Indian Parliament which discriminates against Muslims. The controversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) passed by the right wing Hindu nationa

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The Voices of Muslim Women Present the 2019 VMW Award Winners!

  • 10-30-2019
  • Ayesha Ali

October 29-2019 - Voices of Muslim Women (VMW) announced the winners for their third annual VMW Awards on Saturday October 26th at Aria Banquet Hall. The evening not only honoured the achievements of the 10 phenomenal winners, but was also a celebration of

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