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August 19, 2017- The Vancouver Police Department is hiring. They are seeking candidates from all backgrounds and communities to fill up opportunities throughout their Department.

The VPD is a diverse police force, reflecting the rich tapestry of the many communities and lifestyles that make up our city. VPD is also one of the largest municipal police forces in Canada and is recognized as an innovator in Canadian law enforcement.

On August 19th, VPD held an Information session at BCMA Masjid Al Salaam Education center in Burnaby. The session attracted old and the youth who were thinking about a career in law enforcement and community safety. They had the opportunity to hear from recruiters and police officers directly on how to be a successful Candidate. They also heard from Samira Adan Sallow who is enrolled in the VPD Cadet Program.

Samira Adan Sallow and Aminah Ibrahim are the first Muslim girls to join cadets and now have completed one year of the VPD’s cadet program in May and will enter their second year in September.

Constable Shaif Manji stressed the need of people from all communities especially Muslims to be represented in the Vancouver police department. He said, “I know Vancouver Muslims are very tight knit community”, “but the fact remains police cannot do work without Muslims participation in the police force.”

During the presentation is was made clear that there is no need for 6.5 ft individuals as in the past but the need is for individual  to represent the community they live.

Since taking over as the head of VPD, Chief Palmer has practised and promoted diversity in the police ranks. Currently there are about 2000 police officers in the VPD but there is only one Arab speaking member in the VPD. Cst. Tyler Radons stressed that, “We are under staffed and under represented from the Muslim community”,” While recruiting we look at credentials not trace and background.”

Samira Adan Sallow is among the 149 cadets and volunteers who is aware of the portrayal of Muslims in the media, but stated that when she wears her Hijab and Uniform she feels “Protected and accepted” and has “found my safe space with VPD cadet program.”

For more Info on how to join the VPD you can visit  or e-mail at