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Profile: Tahir Malik


Q: Who is Tahir Malik and what do you do?
Ans: I am a Government Certified Credit Consultant. Helping Canadians to get out of debt and help them start a debt free New Life. 


Q: What Kind of debts can you help with?

Ans: People who have Credit Cards, Line of Credit, Personal Loans, Revenue Canada, ICBC, Student Loan, Payday Loans and Business Loans can come to us where we can help them to Reduce there Debts up to 75 % and they can pay remaining balance in easy monthly interest free installments. We will save all of there Assets.


Q: What is the difference between your company and other debt consolidation companies?

 Ans: Well, there are numerous reasons that make New Life debt Solutions a better choice. First of all we are one of the largest debt consolidation companies in Canada. Second anybody who comes to our office they will discuss there personal matters only with me not with anybody else, as I am a Government Certified Credit Consultant. Last but not the least any company who deals with consumers are based on their reputation. By grace of God we have excellent track record of getting our customers cases approved.


Q:  What is importance of Credit in our lives?

 Ans : Credit plays most important role in our lives. No matter if we are going to apply for a job, getting a credit card or getting mortgage everywhere we are going to be asked about our credit. Now days there are so many frauds happening and you will not even come to know about it till the time your credit is not gone to the collections.

 Therefore we have to keep checking our credit once a year. There are two credit-reporting agencies that keep our records. Both of the companies offer a free credit bureau report once a year. For that you can get the credit check application free of cost from our office.


Q: When you say that you can reduce debts by up to 75 % give us some examples so that we can understand how much our debt could be reduced?

 Ans: It is really hard to determine how much debt could be reduced as there are many contributing factors involved which determine how much debt can be reduced. Every situation and circumstances are different so in order to know how much debt we can reduce you can call us at 604 909 2277 to make an appointment.


Q: Many people who are in Debt what would you like to tell them?

 Ans: As a Canadian we have to know our rights. Nobody wants to be in debt at the first place. But sometimes we have to watch ourselves going deeper and deeper in debt due to much reason. Whatever your reason would be should you be in any kind of financial problem do not think you are alone. There are thousands of Canadians who are facing same kind of issues as you do. Whenever you have any kind of debt issues discuss your situation with professionals so that you can be informed about your options so that you can enjoy debt free New Life.

 Many people make their situation worst by making uninformed decisions, which affect them in the longer run. If you are cashing out your investments, getting Pay Day Loans to make your ends meet, making monthly payments towards your debt but do not see your debt going down or being harassed by collection calls then it’s time for you to give us a call and get yourself out of all these troubles.

 We will save your investments, property and will stop all legal actions, which has been started against you. We are conveniently located in Surrey and Abbotsford in British Columbia, Calgary and Edmonton in Alberta, Winnipeg in Manitoba, Toronto, Mississauga & Scarborough in Ontario & 2 offices in Montreal Quebec. Give us a call at 604 909 2277 or go to