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Honoring Our Scholars: An Appreciation Lunch for the Ulema


On Sunday, May 19th, a dedicated group of brothers organized an ulema appreciation luncheon to acknowledge the invaluable contributions provided by our local ulema despite the tremendous challenges they face.

In the annals of Islamic intellectual history, Ulema have traditionally played a pivotal role in interpreting scriptures. 

It is ingrained in our faith to uphold that no individual is more virtuous, sanctified, and esteemed in the eyes of Allah than Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam). Allah Ta’ala has blessed and favored the ’Ulama by making them the inheritors of such an august personality as well as the other Prophets.

The esteemed ’Ulama ought to be honored. Allah has also conferred upon them the loftiest rank, second only to the Prophets, Sahabah, and the Tabi’een. To live as true and sincere Muslims, we should respect and cherish the ’Ulama, frequent their gatherings, and acquire maximum spiritual benefit from them. This will bring blessings in this life and felicity in the hereafter.

Allah Ta’ala alludes to the high status of the ’Ulama in the Holy Quran: “Allah elevates those who believe among you and those who have been granted knowledge in ranks and Allah is all-aware of what you do.” (58:11)

Our Prophet (?allallahu ‘alayhi wasallam) has advised: “Treat people according to their status.”

Sayyiduna ‘Ali (ra?iyallahu ‘anhu) has mentioned: “I am the slave of whoever taught me a single letter. If he wishes, he can sell me, free me, or even keep me as a slave.”

Maulana Yusuf Jakda, serving as the master of ceremonies, reminded the attendees to perpetually benefit from our scholars and extended gratitude to the program's hosts Aiyaz Ifraz, Abdullah, and Taufiq.

Qari Abdul Wahab expressed gratitude to the hosts for accommodating the ulema and reminisced about the era when he initially arrived in 1980, witnessing a scarcity of ulema in BC. He acknowledged the many ulema now serving the community and advised them to continue their services with sabr (patience). He made dua for the prosperity of the community 

May Allah Ta’ala illuminate our paths and instill within us a profound appreciation for the ’Ulama, guiding us to hold them in the highest esteem. Ameen.

Ulema appreciated
The 1) Qari Abdul Wahab Sahab
2) Qari Abdullah Mazhar Lakhnavi
3) Maulana Mohammad Tayyab Qasmi
4) Maulana Ghulam Baji
5) Maulana Zafar Abid
6) Mufti Aasim Rashid
7) Mufti Shujaath Ali
 8) Late Maulana Abdul Lateef Nomani
Senior Members appreciated
1) Mohammed Yakub
2) Mohammed Saeed
3) Sadiq Sahib
4) Umran Ali
5) Aseem Akhtar Khan
6) Harun Mohammed
7) Sorab Khan
8) Mohammed Shafik Kandawala
9) Abdul Karim
10) Sajid Hameed
11) Haji Dean Mohammed
12) Bob Ibrahim
Aiyaz Ifraz , Abdullah and Taufiq


Article Source: ALAMEENPOST