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More Than 250 Dead In Indonesia Earthquake


Rescuers were still combing through the rubble of collapsed buildings and trying to reach remote areas devastated by an earthquake that struck part of Indonesia's highly populated West Java province.

More than 250 people are dead after the 5.6-magnitude temblor struck early Monday afternoon in Cinajur, West Java, only around 50 miles southeast of the country's highly populated capital of Jakarta.

The epicentre of the earthquake was on land, about 10 km south-west of Cianjur Regency (West Java Province). USGS PAGER estimates that up to 242,000 people were exposed to very strong shaking and up to 978,000 people to strong shaking.

At least 31 people are missing and 400 others are injured, with 100 of those injuries considered serious..

The earthquake was felt so strongly in the capital of Jakarta that high rises reportedly swayed, but most of the damage came from the Cinajur area itself, where buildings collapsed and landslides buried others.

A school and a hospital were among the buildings damaged in Cinajur, according to the Associated Press.

One local government official said many of those killed were children that were in school when the earthquake hit and collapsed their buildings on top of them.

In nearby Cijedil, a landslide buried homes and streets leaving at least 25 people there missing.