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ZUBEEN SAHIB: Candidate for City of Surrey council - My Journey So Far.


I may be new to active politics but my exposure to political campaigns go back to my early teens. I remember volunteering Hon. Senator Mobina Jaffer’s campaign with my dad and our friends in North Vancouver. I also recall my dad going around putting up lawn signs and large campaign boards and I towed behind him. Back in those days, you had to put up the big signs yourself. Little did I know then that over two decades later, I would be actively involved in the election process myself.  

Born and raised in the lower mainland, I’ve seen the change of the political landscape evolve in BC, especially in Surrey over the past 25 years. Like many other young couples, we saw Surrey as a great place to raise a family and decided to move here. Similarly, many others saw the affordability, safe amenities, running a business, plus many more opportunities here.

Unfortunately, today we are faced with many issues like gang violence, shooting, vandalism, break-ins, narcotics, and illegal drug activity growing exponentially in our once peaceful city. This calls for immediate safety and security concerns of the citizens of Surrey. When I started going out and meeting people individually and in small groups, I learnt that many young families are talking about moving out due to the violence and affordability concerns. Many who have lived here for decades are contemplating in moving out of Surrey as well. They have lost the trust in the current Council, the Mayor, and the system itself. A lot of individuals have raised the concern that only certain people’s voices are heard, and the others are shunned aside. Only certain projects are given the priority for approval and the rest get buried under the pile. Many people have also said that they would not vote as it does not change anything, and they have lost trust in all politicians who only use them for votes. This is the mindset and concerns that I would like to address.

This journey has enabled me to meet people with all walks of life and has given me a new drive to make things happen. I have always been compassionate, strong willed and approachable. I have always put others ahead of me. During this journey, I have met wonderful people that have found me to be genuine and have actually commended me stating that there is something special about me in many aspects.

Senator Mobina Jaffer said, “do not doubt your worthiness. Do not let others define you. You know who you are and focus on your goal. Walk up with your head up high”. 

I was touched by her words of encouragement.

Mike Hillman who is the current incumbent Councillor of the City of Burnaby, now seeking re-election mentioned to me after getting to know me as a person said, “I can see you can go a long way. You have that drive in you. Keep this drive throughout this journey.

Elenore Sturko, who was just nominated as the BC Liberal Candidate in the South Surrey Byelection said to me “you identify yourself of someone who is inclusive. It takes courage to put yourself out there.

One of my biggest supporter and mentor is Hon Sukh Dhaliwal. He is a kind, humble and a compassionate person. He is very hard working and a dedicated individual. A true ‘Man of the People’. He has always shown so much respect to me and my principles. I never regretted making this decision to go with Mr. Sukh Dhaliwal as my Mayoral candidate. I will always be grateful to him for believing in me and standing tall behind me in my endeavour. I am also fortunate to have a great team of candidates who are now like family to me.

Obviously, I understand that not many Muslim women are encouraged to run for politics. However, I have mostly found my community to be very supportive.  This journey has also taught me a lot about dealing with community affairs and how working as team will deliver results. I would sincerely like to thank my family, my friends and all my supporters for their support, advice, and encouragement. 

Please feel free to reach out to me about your concerns and make sure to come out and vote to make a difference. 

Advanced voting dates: Oct. 5,8,9 and 12. Election Day is Oct.15th.

Zubeen Sahib

United Surrey

Candidate for Surrey City Council