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With A third of Pakistan underwater due to heavy monsoon rains followed by floods that have washed away villages and displaced millions of Pakistanis.

Much of the destruction has been done to critical infrastructure, including houses, roads, bridges and schools. Over 1,000 people – a third of them children – have been killed since June.

UNICEF estimates More than 6.4 million people – including an estimated 3.4 million children – are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance right now.

In light of the disaster many local BC organizers have raised funds for the cause. 

BCMA also made an urgent appeal to everyone in need. 

Among the donors were members of the sikh community. A cheque for the amount of $100K was presented to the British Columbia Muslim Association (BCMA), by Kalhar Transport Ltd (KTL) of Richmond BC, towards the Pakistan flood relief fund at the Surrey/Delta Jamea Mosque on September 2nd. Presenting the cheque on behalf of KTL was the owner and the CEO of the company Mr Tanjit Kalhar and Mr Satish whose daughter in law Ramen Jasser Kumar is the Candiaate in coming city election of Surrey .

The closing deal for this donation was initiated by the BCMA Vice President Planning and Development Br Mohammed Arfan Malik, who is a close associate with Mr Kalhar.  

BCMA also held another fundraiser on September 24th at the BCMA Richmond Branch. About $70,000 was raised.