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David Eby: Why I'm running for leader of the BC NDP?


My path to politics started when I met Veronica, a First Nations woman living in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. I worked as a lawyer for Veronica and her neighbours, who were forced into the street with just a few hours’ notice when her building was condemned by the city. She was treated as disposable simply because she was poor.

And her negligent landlord? He made more money when he sold the building — it was worth more empty than when it was full of tenants.

It wasn’t right.

I went to law school to hold politicians to account, not to become one. But I quickly realized the laws and structures I was trying to force to work for my clients were written for other people. Courts were sympathetic to my clients, but applied the law we had. We lost too often, especially given the stakes for my clients. That’s why I got into politics — to make those laws more fair.

I saw the results of being in government first hand. When I was Housing Minister, we bought the building Veronica and her neighbours were evicted from and re-opened it as housing for vulnerable women and children fleeing violence.

It’s now called Veronica Block.

That’s what happens when government works for, not against, people in our province.

As New Democrats, we value fairness and justice. We take action when we see a problem. Right now, our province faces overlapping crises that are feeding on each other: the climate emergency, the toxic drug supply, the housing crisis, affordability, and a healthcare system stretched thin.

By applying the values we already treasure as New Democrats, we can fight back and deliver results for British Columbians.

But the BC Liberals don’t share our values. They can’t wait to form government to reverse the changes we’ve made, and reward their friends at the top.

Kevin Falcon would cut the services people need because he’s more focused on the powerful few. He would give tax breaks to the wealthy and tear up our climate plan, while downloading the costs onto families and future generations.

He’d hand over our real estate market to speculators and investors instead of working for people who just need a place to live. And he’d promote this extremist “free market” agenda at the worst possible time, while BC is facing enormous challenges that demand attention — crises that will never be solved without a government committed to solutions.

Your NDP team in the legislature has made a lot of progress. We got big money out of politics, launched North America’s most ambitious climate plan, helped more people make ends meet by delivering more affordable child care and auto insurance, housed more than 3,000 people living outside, and eliminated MSP premiums.

But it’s not good enough. We need to do even more to make BC a place where everyone can build a good life, in a province that is sustainable and prosperous.

This is why I want to be your Premier. I want to continue the work we started together. And I’m ready to fight for what matters to you — what matters to all of us as New Democrats.

I’ve spent the last several weeks travelling the province, listening to New Democrats across BC about their concerns and priorities. Now I’m ready to share my vision for how we can keep building our province and our party, together.

Next week I will make my first policy announcement — on housing — and I want your input on it. We will roll out further policy proposals in the days and weeks ahead.

I want to earn your vote to become the next leader of the BC NDP. Together, we will build a stronger, more sustainable future for generations to come.

With gratitude,

David Eby


Article Source: ALAMEENPOST