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Commemorating Muslim Holidays in Vancouver


(Vancouver - Wednesday July 20, 2022) The BCMA Public Relations and Communications team had the honour of presenting in favour of Motion B2: Commemorating Muslim Holidays at Vancouver City Hall.

This motion, drafted in collaboration with members of Vancouver's united Muslim community, calls for the recognition of important Muslim holidays like Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr, and Eid al-Adha, which are particularly meaningful to the city's entire Muslim population.

The motion was put forward by City Councilor Jean Swanson, seconded by Christine Boyle and passed unanimously by the Honourable Mayor of Vancouver, Kennedy Stewart and Vancouver City Councilors: Adriane Carr, Melissa DeGenova, Lisa Dominato, Pete Fry, Colleen Hardwick, Sarah Kirby-Yung, Jean Swanson, Michael Wiebe and Rebecca Bligh.

While the motion is not yet a formal statutory holiday such as Christmas, it is a milestone for the Muslim community to be added to the City of Vancouver’s calendar as an observed holiday, City’s social media and websites, highlighting work being done by local Muslim charities and the community in addition to observing iftars at the City.

The BCMA was founded in Vancouver 56 years ago to provide spiritual and social support for the Muslim community of B.C. Today, for the benefit of Muslims we support 19 branches and chapters, 22 satellite musallas, 2 schools, and cradle to the grave services for 100,000 Muslims in the province.

As part of our commitment to building strong and meaningful relationships between Muslims and other communities we are working with organizations, communities, and governments across B.C. and Canada to support Muslims and the beautiful image of Islam.

This motion serves as an illustration of how all communities are welcomed and recognized in Vancouver's rich cultural diversity and shows support for the tens of thousands of Muslims who call Vancouver home. Questions regarding this motion may be sent to

Muhammad Asad Gondal


The BC Muslim Association


Article Source: ALAMEENPOST