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Eid ul Fitr celebration at the BC Legislature.


May 3rd, 2022- A day after Eid ul Fitr was a Historic moment for Muslims of BC. The Provincial government lead by NDP Premier John Horgan hosted an Eid celebration at the BC Legislature.

Representatives from various Muslim organizations were invited by their local MLA’s to the legislature to take part in the celebrations.  

The program began with Rachna Singh, MLA Surrey-Green Timbers who is the Parliamentary Secretary for Anti-Racism Initiatives Inviting Mohammed Amer to start the program with the recitation of Quran followed by a brief introduction about Eid by Malika Mosseddaq. 

Premier John Horgan in his address announced his govt. achievement in introducing the anti-racism data Act to address systemic racism and advance racial equity in government services a day earlier. 

The premier said, “The data will used to better serve the diverse peoples of our great province.”

The Premier agreed with what Rachna had said earlier saying, “I also want to say as Rachna has articulated this is the type of thing we need to do more often and it was at a virtual celebration last year that I raised the aspect of us coming together here at the legislature in the hall of honour to celebrate the end of the Holy Month. Eid is so important to the Muslim community not just in British Columbia of course but indeed around the world and as vibrant participants in the global village that we are all a part of.  

But it's more than that. It's to show volunteerism the selflessness of the Muslim community here in British Columbia and to talk about how we can give of ourselves to make the whole that much greater and it is that foundational perspective that I believe needs to be shared not just on this day the end of holy month but everyday in British Columbia. 

We are so blessed to live in a dynamic and diverse community better reflected today in our legislature than ever before in terms of the diversity of the whole make up of the legislative assembly. Many of them are here today. But there is more work to do to ensure that Muslims take their seats in our legislature as well. The legislature is the body that reflects all of us in all of our diversity and there are absences of communities across BC that needs to be reflected and I encourage people to participate in the electoral process for whichever political party you want to attach yourself to. Bring your faith. Bring your selflessness to this place in the coming elections. And with that the attendants on this historic day. Eid Mubarak.

The program was followed by a folklore qawwali sung by Navinjan and the Premier handing out certificate of Appreciation to Mohammed Amer, Malika Mosseddaq and Navinjan.

Br Asad Gondal President of British Columbia Muslim Association was extremely gratified with the gesture of the Premiers invitation for Eid ul Fitr. Speaking with Alameen Post he said, “I Really appreciate the gesture of the Premier in inviting the Muslims to the legislature and to celebrate Eid ul Fitr with such fervour that shows the inclusivity of this Govt and he truly celebrates the diversity of our Province in his heart.”

After lunch A group of the community members including Yousef Barakat, Haroon Khan, Abdul Rauf, Shahzad mansoory and Mohammed Jafar Bhamji also met the Premier after the program to thank him personally in his office for his invitation and his noble approach to lead an inclusive Government. Br. Yusuf Barakat presented a certificate of appreciation to the Premier. They also wished the Premier a speedy recovery for his treatment. The Premier also suggested perhaps next year there could be a possible iftar with the community. InshaAllah-God Willing.  



Article Source: ALAMEENPOST