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The British Columbia Muslim Association Gravely Concerned After Attack


As Ramadan worshippers were exiting evening prayers, wearing traditional clothing, a vehicle sped up to the worshippers. A substance was thrown at the individuals from the car. The car sped away, but then returned and repeatedly feigned trying to run them over.

In the aftermath of the London terror attack, the feigning of running over community members is not a small matter. While our first priority is towards making sure our congregants are safe in the aftermath of such a terrifying incident, we are calling on the police to investigate this as a potential hate crime.

We understand that police reports have been filed.

The BCMA is coordinating with the National Council of Canadian Muslims in responding. If any community member has further information of relevance please contact them at


Vice-President (Public Relations and Communication) The BC Muslim Association (BCMA)


Article Source: ALAMEENPOST