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Pakistan – Aiming for an Ultimate Freedom.


Pakistan came into existence on a blessed night, Thursday, Ramadan 27, 1366 after breaking the shackles of its two-hundred years old British colonialism slavery, and established itself as an autonomous and independent nation, Islamic Republic of Pakistan. However, for the past 77 years the people of Pakistan have always known that their freedom from British Colonialism had been replaced by Anglo-American Imperialism. Their freedom 77 years ago was in fact a simple changing of “masters” event – “change of masters” from White Anglo-Saxon to local Asian – one of their own.

The events on April 5, 2022, midnight, when Pakistan’s Supreme Court ruled against Article 63A of the constitution and removed a popular elected leader, Prime Minister Imran Khan and paved the way for Shahbaz Sharif to become a Prime Minister through a non-confidence motion against Imran Khan and his government. The people of Pakistan have finally acknowledged that the out-going British colonial masters before departing had secured a strong political and military infrastructure in place composed of corrupt political dynastic families of ruling elites (A.K.A. The Ruling Mafia) supported by the military who will continue to serve and advance their imperialistic agenda and remain astutely subservient and cunningly obedient to their imperialist masters. Ultimately, keeping the masses enslaved on their behalf through a proxy vote. Make no mistake, Pakistan is not the only nation that has fallen victim to an Anglo-American Imperialistic Conspiracy. The entire Muslim Ummah, majority of the African and other developing nations are also victims of this imperialistic agenda, where decisions are made in London, Paris and Washington and implemented in Ankara, Islamabad, and Riyadh. 

On Thursday, Ramadan 27, 1443, precisely 77 years after their fake freedom from the British Colonialism. The people of Pakistan have collectively decided to unshackle themselves permanently from this continued and on-going Imperialistic Slavery, and finally establish path to a free, independent, and autonomous Islamic State that would be immune from foreign conspiracies, intervention, and dictation of its internal and external (foreign) policies by the west. 

On Thursday, Ramadan 27, 1443, the people of Pakistan from all walks of life, and from across Pakistan will be converging on Islamabad #MarchAgainstImportedGovt demanding the removal of American directed regime change in Pakistan which saw a corrupt leader, Shahbaz Sharif who was due to appear before the courts on April 6, 2022 on corruption charges instead took an oath to become Pakistan’s 23rd PM along with two-thirds of his cabinet – 24 of the 36 appointed Cabinet Ministers out on bail on corruption charges. 

The credit goes to one man whom the Islamic world views not only as the Prime Minister of Pakistan rather acknowledges him as truly the leader of the Muslim Ummah, champion of Muslim rights at the United Nations, and around the world – Imran Khan. 

He is an Oxford graduate and has spent large portion of his life in the west, mainly in England where he played Cricket for the county, hobnobbed with British political elites, even royalty, such as Lady Diana and had eventually married British Billionaire’s daughter Jemima Goldsmith after she converted to Islam.  

Imran Khan struggled for 22 years in the dirty dynastic political swamp of Pakistan left behind by the British to advance their own imperialistic agenda and in 2018 finally assumed the office as Pakistan’s 22 Prime Minister. 

Since assuming office he has worked tirelessly not only for the people of Pakistan but for Muslim Ummah at large. He has hosted two OIC meeting under his watch in Pakistan. He has proven himself to be a true Islamic leader – A statesman who is not afraid to speak out against the atrocities being committed against Islam and Muslims around the world by the western powers. He was planning to initiate a Muslim TV Channel, funded by Muslim nations to counter the western propaganda against Islam. In his first address at the UNGA as Pakistan’s PM he unequivocally told the world that Prophet Mohammed Peace be upon him resides in the hearts of every Muslim and mocking him disguised as freedom of speech is hurtful to all Muslims and it needs to be stopped immediately. He raised the issue of rising Islamophobia in the west and around the globe and urged UNGA to find ways to address it. During the same speech he indicated that we believe in there is no God but Allah and we believe in peace. However, if his country is ever forced to defend itself against unnecessary foreign aggression by way of nuclear weapons than he would do so. Just past March after a motion brought forward by his government the UN finally declared March 15 as an International Day to Combat Islamophobia. He refused to tow lines with western agenda against Russia in Russia-Ukraine conflict. In fact, the day war broke out between two nations he was in Russia meeting President Putin. The EU wrote to him to condemn Russia over its aggression in Ukraine and he took the matter to Pakistani public and in an election style rally and challenged the EU authority by asking who are you tell us what our foreign policy should be? What do you think we are, your slaves? 

In short, since assuming office as Pakistan PM he has become a thorn in Anglo-American Imperialistic Agenda’s side. The imperialist powers realized that he is an unconventional individual who can neither be contained nor controlled – an unapologetic straight shooter who does not mince words and says what he means and means what he says.  Therefore, by hook or crook, he needed to be removed from the office. Therefore, it seems that the American imperialist machinery of “Regime Change” was activated, and American fingerprints seems to be all over it. 

The imperialist power seemed to have united eleven political, secular Zardari’s PPP, to Centre Sharif’s PMLN, and religiously led right wing, Maulana Fazalurrahman’s  JUI. Rivals whom in past have fought against each other calling each other thieves were now united under one flag – US Flag that is. Political horse-trading was clearly captured on hidden cameras where money was exchanged to buy out Imran Khan’s own MNA and supporters. Finally, the non-confidence motion was turned down by the deputy speaker of the house as being a foreign conspiracy and against Pakistan’s national interests, based on a letter that was apparently issued by the American State Department encouraging all opposition parties in Pakistan to unite against Imran Khan’s government in bringing him and his government down through a non-confidence motion in the parliament. 

Although, based on Pakistani Constitution, Courts are not to intervene or rule on decisions taking by the Speaker of the House. However, in this instance the Pakistani courts seemed to have forgotten its own constitution and chose to overrule deputy speaker’s decision and allow the motion of non-confidence against Imran Khan through and remove him from the office. 

The Pakistan’s military claiming to be a “Neutral” bystander has its own fingerprints on this seemingly American instigated Regime Change. Everyone knows that in Pakistan not a bird can flap its wings without the approval of Pakistan’s Military A.K.A – The Establishment. Let alone eleven political parties conspiring together against a sitting government and courts opening its door to known accused corrupt leaders out on bail to give them a green light to form a government. 

All this has exposed the hypocrisy of Pakistan’s [political, military, judicial and media elites that have been acting as foreign imperialist agents in keeping people enslaved to imperialist powers.

This could be the beginning of the end for imperialist in Pakistan. 


Article Source: ALAMEENPOST