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Turkish Community Celebrates Children’s Day in Solidarity with Ukrainian community.


April 23, 2022, Canadian Turkish Educational and Cultural Foundation celebrated their annual Children’s Day festival with the Ukrainian community in Richmond.

About 100 people gathered to celebrate the children’s Day which in Turkey is celebrated as a national holiday. 23rd  April also happens to be the day that the Grand National Assembly of Turkey was founded in 1920.

Among the guests were Elif Arzu Kutlu representing the Consulate General of the Republic of Turkey in Vancouver. Addressing the children she said, “Dear Children your innocence is strengthening the peace between our countries.”

Alex Aykut Bilgin -the president of Canadian Turkish Educational and Cultural Foundation stated, “Here in Canada we are blessed to enjoy the advantages of multicultural society every day. That's how our kids grow culturally rich, tolerant and respectful of each other's individualities… So today we want all kids to enjoy this celebration, be happy and playful.” Alex thanked everyone for joining the program on behalf of the Turkish Canadian community and our Ukrainian Canadian friends.

Mr Ron McKinnon Member of parliament for Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam reiterated the govt. of Canada stand, “the people of Canada stands with Ukraine.”  

On behalf of the Ukranian Community of Vancouver Tasha Zukewich thanked the Turkish community for inviting her to the program. She is a teacher in Richmond. She is hopeful that peace will come to Ukraine Soon. She said, “The event like today is an incredible gesture with the people of Ukraine.”

The children also received gifts bags and had an exciting fun day with pizza, popcorn, face painting, mini bouncing castle, the famous Turkish ice cream and a magic show. 


Article Source: ALAMEENPOST