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Vancouver Muslim Community Iftar Dinner hosted by Taleeb Noor Mohamed M.P.


On Monday April 11th , Taleeb Noor Mohamed M.P. for Vancouver Granville hosted an Iftar dinner inviting Muslim community members from lower mainland Islamic organizations.

Taleeb Noor Mohamed M.P. is the first Muslim M.P elected in B.C. He is the Chair of the Pacific Liberal Caucus and the BC representative for the Federal Muslim Caucus (Muslim MPs in Government). 

Taleeb acknowledged that as a community, “We have seen Muslims being attacked at mosques, Woman feeling unsafe wearing a hijab, these are issues we know and there are others issues we need to address.” He Said, “Canada needs to be seen as a fair and an equitable player globally from refugees to conflicts.”

The keynote speaker was Minister of Canadian Heritage and Quebec Lieutenant The Honourable Pablo Rodriguez. It was his first iftar outside of Quebec. He said, “It was a his privileged to share this moment with you” while addressing the audience. 

The program was also attended by other Local MP from BC.  

The program was sponsored by Penny Appeal Canada by proving a delicious Iftar catered by Afghan Chopan Restaurant!

Penny Appeal Canada is the worlds fastest growing Muslim NGO. With operations in over 45 countries, Penny Appeal Canada's mission is to eradicate poverty and for organizations like theirs to be obsolete.

Their representatives Talha Ahmed, Chief Executive Officer of Penny Appeal Canada, Dr. Akber Ali, Chief Operating Officer, Br. Fawad Kalsi, Director, Western Canada and their team and volunteers also were present at the iftar.

Foundation for a Path Forward director Yusuf Siraj and Br. Tariq Tyab did a great job organizing the iftar.



Article Source: ALAMEENPOST