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Penny Appeal Canada meets with Vancouver Muslim Leaders


The fastest growing Muslim Charity in Canada meets with Vancouver Muslim Leaders to introduce the charity to the lower mainland for the first time.

Over 15 organizations attended the first meeting between Penny Appeal Canada and leaders from the Vancouver Muslim Community, in a program called Rethinking the Islamic Charity Space in Canada. The event was hosted at Afghan Chopan Restaurant by Penny Appeal Canada’s Director of Western Canada Fawad Kalsi and their COO Akber Ali. The event saw over 50 community leaders discuss the needs of the Greater Vancouver Muslim Community.

Penny Appeal Canada is an International Relief and Development Organization working in over 30 countries around the world. They have a 100% Zakat policy, which means no administration fees are taken by the Canadian Office, rather ? of the Zakat is only taken by the field implementers as mentioned by Allah SWT in the Qur’an. However, the main theme of the night revolved around the idea that although there is much work to do globally, we must also take care of our brothers and sisters here at home first. 

To help those at home, Penny Appeal Canada has a grants program for smaller registered charities and non-profit organizations to increase capacity and delivery of their programs to those in need. They also discussed how every community across Canada has varying needs, and the ability of Penny Appeal Canada to customize programming based on those needs. Penny Appeal Canada’s COO, Akber Ali said, “At the end of the day, the needs of the Halifax Muslim Community, Toronto Muslim Community, Calgary Muslim Community, and Vancouver Muslim Community differ. We must tackle the needs of each community differently, and work in collaboration with those who are already doing great work on the front lines. This is how we are going to build self sustainable communities that will thrive for generations to come.”

For their international projects, the theme focused on long term sustainability for individuals and communities. Instead of handing out a food pack every month, teach a person how to farm. Instead of delivering programming to communities in need on a monthly basis, find a way to start a business and give our Muslim brothers and sisters their dignity back. 

It was a very inspiring evening that talked about collaboration, long term sustainability, their 100% Zakat Policy and how they plan to work with everyone to build a self sustainable thriving community here in Vancouver and abroad. 

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Article Source: ALAMEENPOST