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Pakistani Minister for Human Rights call out on UN SG Charter as “a la carte menu”



US Secretary-General António Guterres in an opening remark at press encounter on Ukraine had stated. “The principles of the UN Charter are not an a la carte menu.” on 22 February 2022.

He acknowledged that, “the world is facing the biggest global peace and security crisis in recent years – certainly in my tenure as Secretary-General.”

Let me be clear: the decision of the Russian Federation to recognize the so-called “independence” of certain areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions is a violation of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine.    

On March 1st the Pakistani Minister for Human Rights called out the double standards of the UN SG.

Shireen Mazari stated, “As the UN SG had stated the UN Charter is "not an a la carte menu" but sadly the powerful have all been using the Charter exactly as such.”

Earlier Minister Shireen Mazari had met with the Foreign Minister of the State of Palestine, Mr. Riad Al Maliki. She assured him of Pakistan's continuing commitment and unflinching support for the Palestinian cause.

In series of tweets she highlighted the double standards of the UN SG.

Shireen pointed out Pakistani PM Imran Khan has stated clearly our position that we do not support use of military force to settle conflicts but u cannot adhere to Charter & IL selectively as has been done by the powerful for decades. So let's also see condemnation of ongoing Indian & Israeli violations of UN Charter & IL.

In another tweet she stated, “Ironic! After decades of ignoring all violations of UN Charter, UNSC resolutions, 4th Geneva Convention by India in IIOJK & Israel in Palestine, now UN Charter & Int Law remembered! Remember attacks on Iraq, Libya, Syria - Srebrenica massacre & illegal drone attacks on Pak?”

In a tweet later during the day yesterday she demanded, “Can those who have suddenly discovered the UN Charter and int law give a condemnatory statement against Israel's continuing violation of the UN Charter, Int Law and 4th Geneva Convention to show their commitment to the UN Charter and int law?”


Article Source: ALAMEENPOST