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Masjid Al Noor Pays tribute to its Pioneers


On Saturday, December 4, 2021 Masjid Al Noor in Surrey held a memorable night for their pioneers. More than 180 Mussallis of the Masjid gathered to honor their long time founding directors who were instrumental in purchasing and running the affairs of the Masjid since their inception.

The program started with Qirat by Suleman Aswat and Fadhlullah Mohammed followed by Naat by Rayyan Ahmed.

Quran Nazirah completion was done by Yusuf Kandawala.

Asma ul Husna was recited by a group  comprising of Abdur Rahim Danekari, Ismail Kandawala, Saad Mohammed and Arsalan Ali Asghar.

Br Saleem Shaikh, the MC of the program invited the current President Janif Mohammed to speak on the dedication and achievement of the Pioneers.


In his speech Br. Janif said, “Today we are here to mark the special occasion in the history of Masjid Al Noor, and that occasion is to pay respect and honor our three most beloved, hardworking, and dedicated founding members.

We never ever imagined that this day would come, when we are having an Appreciation ceremony for our founding members; Br. Suleman Bhamji, Br. Dean Mohammed and Br. Yusuf Bhamjee on their retirement as Active Executive members of Masjid Al Noor.

Unfortunately, this is the system of the Creator and by default system of this world that we need to vacate our place and pass the baton to the new up-and-coming generation.

We know that they did all their work for the sake of Allah, May Allah SWT accept and reward them for their dedicated services to our society. This Program is to pay tribute and say “Jazak Allah Khairen” for their many years of hard work and service to all of us and the Muslim community at large.

As you all are aware, that these three brothers along with Br. Ibrahim Patel established the society Masjid Al Noor and under that they bought this Masjid in 1994, when the sailing was not smooth for them. Their hard working and commitment towards the project paid off by the help of Allah SWT and the property was paid off before the appointed time. They went across Canada and other parts of the world to collect funds to pay off the Karja Hasna. This is what Allah SWT wants from His slaves, if you put little effort Allah is the One who is going to make it accomplished.

Haji Suleman Bhamji was the first president of this society since 1994 till 2014 That is 20 years of service, we thank you. And after that he worked as a director till to date. Haji Suleman came to Canada in 1971 and has helped British Columbia Muslim Association from day one. Haji Suleman sahib is also one of the life members of BCMA.

He was the most dedicated person, a pillar of strength and the one who gave most of his time for the cause of this Masjid. He was taking care of all the administration and any kind of work, sometimes he did not shy away to clean the plugged toilets and wudu area. May Allah SWT accept from him and reward him in manifolds. If I start counting his contributions, it will be long list and still I might miss something from it. In brief he was a man for all occasions.

He was advocate of promoting and teaching Arabic as a language to the madrasa students from the early age when they start their first lesson of Arabic. Finally, in 2018, we took the initiative to start the language class along with the reading.

Our second honorable guest today is Br. Dean Mohammed, he is also our pioneer and founding member and Vice President since the formation of this society, and he is our director till today.

Br. Dean Mohammed strived a lot for the cause of this Masjid, he did collection for paying off the amount along with other members, He was the first person that used to cook food for Jumma collection and he undertook all the renovations, extensions, repairs, and maintenance work always with smiling face. He worked shoulder to shoulder with Br. Suleman and other founding members in the running of this society. He got the virtue of serving as the Muadhin of this Masjid from day one. Haji Dean Mohammed came to Canada in 1974 and he also joined BCMA and was involved in Tablig work for many years.

One of the greatest achievements for Haji Dean Mohammed and Haji Suleman Bhamji is the establishment of the first Masjid in Surrey area along with few other brothers from BCMA. That is the Masjid on 72 Ave and 124th street. 

Our third honorable guest is Br. Yusuf Bhamji is a wonderful man, he is also a founding member of this society and the Director of this society till today. Br. Yusuf Bhamji, is the humblest person that I know in this world. Br Yusuf is always willing help anyone at any time. Br Yusuf Bhamji is an ideal person to look up to. I wish there were many more people like him in this world

He is a person who contributed towards the cause of the Masjid morally and financially, he is a person who does not want to come on the scene yet he stands in front of the Masjid every Friday to collect funds for the ongoing expenses of this Masjid. He always maintained a low profile and supported in each cause of this Masjid.

Yes, they are the Key to opening this Masjid (That is Masjid Al Noor). May Allah Subhan Wa Taala accept their efforts and reward them immensely. If these 3 brothers along with Br Ibrahim Patel didn’t make this effort, we won’t be here.

Today Masjid Al Noor Masjid Society is taking another positive step by declaring and bestowing Life membership to these three honorable brothers on the occasion of their retirement from being active Directors of this society. Inshah Allah, they will continue to serve the society as respected Life members for the rest of their lives.

Haji Suleman Bhamji will now become a Life member.

Haji dean Mohammed will now become a Life member.

Br Yusuf Bhamji will now become Life member.

As Life members they will be giving us two names of people that they think will be best to become next executive members. The Board of Directors will make the final decision.

Today, as President I am also announcing that Masjid al Noor will be looking for 3 new Directors. If anyone of you is interested, please talk to any directors, or see me.”

The behalf of the current board Ibrahim Patel and Br Jafari handed out plaques and gifts as a token of thanks to Br Yusuf Bhamji-Presenter:  Br. Ibrahim Patel, Haji Dean Mohammed-Presenter:  Br. Saleem Sheikh, Haji Suleman Bhamji -Presenter:  Br. Janif Mohammed.

After the plaques were handed out, Br Suleman Bhamji recollected some of the accomplishments and how the Masjid came to existence.  


Br Suleman said, “ Myself, Haji Dean Mohammed, Br. Yusuf Bhamjee were looking for a property to establish a Masjid for 2 years. 

In 1993, this property was listed at $500K and it did not sell.  In 1994 it was reduced to $450K and we asked Br. Ibrahim Patel to negotiate for us and we submitted an offer for $350K.  We negotiated and settled on a price of $400K with payments to be made within 1 year interest free.  Once the agreement was made, Ibrahim Patel joined us as the founding members of this masjid.  This is when the real hard work began. 

The masjid was established and its doors were open to the public on the 1st of July, 1994.  This was a special day as this was not only Jummah on that day, but also a public holiday.  The community support has been very good right from the beginning . 

Alhumdullilah, with the tremendous support of the community here at home and abroad, we were able to meet our obligation to the sellers and also establish a $10K operating fund within this 1 year period.  From those humble beginnings, we are here today. 

May Allah (SWT) bless and give rewards to those who helped us to establish this Masjid and to those who continue to support the operations of this masjid from then until now.  Many, many people are responsible for the success of this Masjid.  Some have helped with cash while others have helped with sweat and tears.  May Allah (SWT) provide a suitable dwelling for them in Jannah. 

I want to say to the current Board of Directors of Masjid Al Noor that may Allah (SWT) bless you for your efforts and may you be successful in building a new masjid here as soon as possible. 

I am retiring today as a Director and Past President of Masjid Al Noor and making way for a new crop of eager younger members to lead this Masjid into the future.  May Allah (SWT) give you the righteous guidance and the wisdom to do what is best for the community for years to come. 

Although, I am retiring as a Director and Past President today, I will always be a Life Member of this Masjid and Insha Allah one day I wish to have my  Jannaaza prayed in this Masjid Al Noor.

Lastly, I sincerely apologize to each and every Mukhtadi of this Masjid if for any reason I may have hurt your feelings or may have caused you harm.  Please forgive me.”

Maulana Saadat Mohammed thanked the outgoing Directors and Maulana Ghulam concluded the program with Dua before Isha Prayers followed by Dinner.



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