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Muslim candidates in the 2021 Canadian election


The 2021 Canadian federal election held on September 20, 2021 resulted in a Minority Government for the Liberals with 160 seats out of the total 338 seats in the parliament.

The NDP won 25 seats and the Conservative won 119 seats with the remaining 32 seats goin to Bloc Québécois and 2 seats to the Green Party.

For the Muslim community in this years election there were over 100 ridings across Canada (approx. 1/3rd of all ridings) in which the total number of potential Muslim voters exceeds the predicted margin of victory as per the

The Sixty Seven Muslim Canadians who were contesting this year they were in a unique position  to decide which party will govern. With twelve Muslim Candidates elected resulting in one additional Muslim MP from the previous Parliament.  

The following Muslim Candidates were re-elected. Ahmed Hussen, Ali Ehsassi, Arif Virani, Iqra Khalid, Majid Jowhari, Omar Alghabra, Salma Zahid, Ziad Aboultaif and Sameer Zuberi.

While Yasmin Ratansi and Maryam Monsef lost there were three new MP’s Elected with Shafqat Ali, Yasir Naqvi, Taleb Noormohamed who was the first Muslim MP from Vancouver in Canada.


Article Source: ALAMEENPOST