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Burnaby Green Party aims to elect first Muslim Woman to City Council


Burnaby CIty Council is badly in need of new leadership and new ideas and this election is a once in a lifetime opportunity to bring Muslim representation, diversity and new ideas to City Council. 

The Burnaby Green Party has selected two women Mehreen Chaudry and Teresa Rossiello to bring this much needed change.

If elected, Mehreen will be the first Muslim woman to be elected in Burnaby and will be a fantastic representative of the Muslim community. Her and Teresa will work hard together to bring this much needed diversity and change to City Council.  

Mehreen firmly believes that “As Muslims, we often feel isolated in our faith and culture. We need to have our concerns heard and to have a say in policy-making so our values and rights are safeguarded. We also need to create a sustainable future for our province that preserves our planet as quoted in the Qur’an. “It is He who has appointed you viceroys in the earth … that He may try you in what He has given you.” (Surah 6:165) or we can save this for later.

Speaking on the local issues affecting the voters, Mehreen states; “As a renter and mother in Burnaby I know firsthand the reality of the affordable housing crisis and will make sure that the issue is addressed with the urgency it deserves.”

Mehreen believes “the main responsibility of politicians should be to really listen to their constituents and work with them to find real solutions. That is what we’re doing and so far the response has been really positive.”

Burnaby Green Party members urge voters to add diversity to City Council in municipal by-election.

For more information about the 2 candidates, Mehreen Chaudry and Teresa Rossiello visit their website.  and

Upcoming Dates

Election Date:  June 26th

Advance Voting Opportunities:

June 12th and 16th at Willingdon Community Center, Cameron Recreation Complex, Bonsor Recreation Comples, and Alan Emmott Center

June 12th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th at Bill Copeland Sports Center

About Mehreen

Born in Ontario and raised in Pakistan, Mehreen put herself through university in the United States, earning a Bachelor’s Degree with Honours in International Business and Economics, and later, a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Illinois in Springfield. 

Mehreen continues to forge her own path. Through 12 years of project management, Mehreen has developed the vision, determination, communication and negotiation skills to ensure the delivery of numerous projects in various industries across the world.

Mehreen made the decision to move to Burnaby with her two young sons determined to make for them the best life possible and offer them a brighter future. Mehreen and her boys have come to love Burnaby and are proud to call this City home. Her commitment to her children and to their future in Burnaby means Mehreen is dedicated to finding solutions to the many challenges Burnaby faces and will face in the years to come.


Article Source: ALAMEENPOST