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'Calamity of Corona Virus & Scientific Wash'!


In this time of calamity of Corona Virus -C-19 pandemic, most of the time we hear the bands played of 'Wash hands'. Followed by all kinds of precautionary restrictions of social distances suggesting self Quarantine of no hugging, no kissing, no hand shake, no social getherings, no travelling etc. Though, for many this new way of 'life style'  is not so practical and not easy to accept it: except for those who are already since 14c. following many of the above rules of health, ethics and moral values.

Unfortunately, this virus has the devastating impact on jobs, business and overall economic, it is unbelievable.

Though, in reality just hand washing is not sufficient, especially, for those who travel by public transport touching  the contaminated surfaces of the dirty seats, Metal Bars, Poles and hanging straps that has all kinds of germs as some people sneeze covering mouth with the palm of the hand, some pick noses without using tissues: in case of contagious Corona Virus remains on the surface of plastic or Metal for 2 days.(Ref. Dr. Oz. show).

Such certain travelers aren't aware of the danger and have no idea of cleanliness and social etiquette, so are they going to wash hands and where?  

Do they have a facility to wash hands before they  enter the Grocery stores and touch the fruits and vegatables? In that case, everyone should also wear plastic gloves before touching anything in the stores. Washing hands, wearing Gloves and Mask must be worn all the time when outside.

Some who hates the Niqab are also forcefully urged to wear a Mask.

Now we see the world wide worn Mask/Niqab for good reasons, yet we hate it like we hate Niqab ordered by the Divine for number of reasons.
This is like history is repeating itself, as since centuries in the pre-Islamic period in Biblical time  to today such pandemic viruses and dangerous diseases are going on, including the invasion of Locust in Africa that has increased the sufferings of mankind.

Sadly in the past in Biblical time to today mankind has gone through such calamities of different dangerous deadly diseases
Evidently, some preachers and intellectuals describe it according to the Scriptures as divine punishment of our 'Karma'-sins, and for disobedient to the divine laws, some describe it as a 'test' from Almighty Allah-Creator and if kept patience we can pass the test with flying colors that would bring us more closer to HIM and be thankful to HIM for guiding us in the good and bad times.
Some 14C ago mankind was given the solutions for all kinds of calamities through the Divine legislated  law of 'cleanliness, Social structure, good behavior of ethics and moral values. The rule of Quarantine first was established by the final Prophet-Messenger Muhammad (saws), frequent hand washing was suggested by him, including the perfect 'Scientific Wash' called W'udu' to be performed before every Islamic prayer/Salat and every action of washing is proven Medicinal benefits: washing hands up to the elbow like the Medical Surgeons perform before the Surgery, washing hands rubbing palms and fingers, washing Toes by rubbing in between toes and bottom of the feet that has acupuncturist points, sniffing water to wash nose removes the blockage of the Sinus drainage etc.

Who can deny that every divine order has many reasons included and not just one. Today the modern technology moves at the speed of the Light, yet doesn't have all curable answers.