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Muslim Food Bank’s 10th Annual Fundraising dinner.


Over 400 people responded to our invitation to join us at Crystal At York in Surrey last Saturday February 9th to support our cause to fight hunger at the Muslim Food Bank’s 10th Annual Fundraising dinner. Elders, youths, families, imams, leaders and children eagerly listened as Guest Speaker Jawaad Abdul Rahman, Producer of the Emmy nominated film, The Sultan and The Saint, talked about how to elevate those who are going through challenges and our communities through volunteering and providing wrap around services like the ASPIRE Caseworker program.

From humble beginnings operating out of a family garage in 2010, the Muslim Foodbank has since greatly expanded their operations to offer an array of integrated programs, wide-reaching partnerships and a dedicated food-bank, hosting hundreds of active volunteers. Although as a community we inch toward a safer, more secure community every day, the work is far from over.

The Mission of the fundraising dinner was simple, to serve humanity. The Muslim Foodbank receives an average of 600 families a month, in urgent need of basic food security and grant a helping hand.  The overwhelming majority of their clients are seniors, women and youth. With Canada’s gracious admittance of over 54,000 refugees, some were able to avoid the most inhumane circumstances and start a new life in Canada. Unfortunately however, many of these refugees, with restricted language and a totally unfamiliar environment, soon found themselves at risk of poverty as the time-bound government support dried up.

As one of the first organizations to come to their aid at their most dire moments, the Food Bank has been able to build trust in the community and currently works with over 80% of the Syrian refugee families resettled in British Columbia. Refugees that have left everything behind to escape the atrocities of war, often with nothing but a suitcase of clothes and faith in a changed condition. The support doesn’t just stop with food and the essentials, after basic food security is established the refugees and clients are then connected one-on-one caseworker support and plugged into any programs that they need spanning everything from healthcare and dental to mental wellness and employment. The Muslim Foodbank seeks to give these individuals the resources they need and help them get back on their feet and live a life of dignity.

The euphoria, excitement and jovial atmosphere at the Dinner was impossible to miss. With exciting plans in the works, including expansion into Toronto, the Muslim Foodbank is primed to create unbridled impact this 2020!

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