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'Equality, Justice, & Integrity' New Delhi Riots


'Speaking up' against any kind of atrocities committed against any people of any color, culture or religion, is the duty of every human beings who believes in equality, Justice and integrity including honesty and truthfulness. Witout it mankind is lost in confusion and acts like evil possessed.

Obviously, equality removes discrimination, racism and hatred of others and leads to the 'true Justice' with honesty, that is an optimal example of integrity in one's life.
Integrity is the practice of being honest and showing a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values.

 Integrity means following your moral and ethical convictions and doing the right thing in all circumstances.

Such are the essential qualities of who believes in Almighty GOD Creator of the Universe. The believers of Creator very often work as 'Human Rights Activists', and speaks up bravely against the wrong doings of any who are racist, discriminative and cruel to other nations.

 Ironically, some without any kind of integrity, anti- equality, and Justice system, yet claiming to be the leaders of the Democracy and freedom. Their unethical immoral actions reveals their true ID of  anti-Creator-GOD and have no fear of HIM or HIS punishment.

Some describes such leader's handshake as the 'Devil's handshake', others recognizes it as fake friendship with fake ID, and remarkable quote:  "An optical illusion in a fool's Paradise". (Al Ameen News P.).  

Another most remarkable bravery presented by ISCC- Imam Soharwardy 'speaking up' of the riots in New Delhi and other parts of India. He strongly condemned the Hindu-Muslim riots.

"The extrimist Hindus attacked a mosque in Delhi and set the Mosque on fire, Hindu extremists are attacking innocent Indian Muslims:  Modi Government has been encouraging extremism and division among Indians: P.M. Trudeau has been silent on the human rights violations agaist Indian Muslims: may the people of Kashmir be free from occupation". (Ref. Miracle News).

Of course, no doubt Modi is an extremist racist and violent whose mandate seems to be wiping out all Muslim minorities in India. So many Muslims are tortured and killed on order of Modi. He is reminding us of the notorious Hitler anti-Jews. Out of ignorance of reality of Indian-Muslims Modi is making Hindus kill Hindus. He has no idea that Indian Muslim's tribal ID is still 'Hindu', same GENES and DNA. They only changed religious title to Islam the religion given by Almighty Creator, but are still tribal Hindu community, the siblings. Modi and his evil followers should get some knowledge of truth and stop killing their own.